First 100

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen the daily updates. If not, what are you waiting for? Anyway, I wanted to shoot out a fun easy read to update y’all on some of my AT journey. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks for following.

I reached 100 miles in 7 days and 15 minutes. In those 7 days, 6 of them had rain with the average sleeping temp about 30 degrees.

Since night one, I’ve been without a headlamp. Something I NEVER DO!! I always carry one with me even on day hikes, in the event something goes wrong. Somewhere on the trip down, my headlamp switched on and drained the batteries. The back up set of batteries I bought were AA and not AAA. I keep forgetting to get them at my resupply spots. It’s now sharpied on my hand. I received advice one time…. instead of just carrying extra batteries, carry an extra headlamp. That way if something goes wrong you have a back up. Maybe I should finally listen and get a second headlamp. They are cheap and only 2oz. Not being able to see at night, especially off in the distance is a bad idea!

With all the rain, I hike with less than 10oz of water on me. I chug a liter or 2 before leaving camp and do the sale upon entering. I will drink water at Crossings but I don’t crave water while hiking. At least when it’s not hot anyway. Summer will change this.

Of the first 7 days, 100 Miles, I’ve only used my trekking poles on 2 days. Day 4 and 5. They were big climbs and my legs had felt it from 42 miles in 3 days. I’m trying to focus on building my leg strength and core and save the poles for the climbs or descents as needed or when pain arises. I don’t want to rely on my poles and arms this early on. I’m feeling good so far with this method.

I wear the same exact clothes all day everyday. I sleep in the same thing I hike in. I don’t change anything when I get into camp except into my cleanish camp socks. The next morning, I put the same sock liners and socks on from the previous day. Yes I stink but every layer was designed for a purpose to which away moisture and control body heat.

Come warmer weather, after the smokies, I will send my stove home. No more hot meals or coffee. I will send home at least a layer of shirts. I already mailed home my rain pants and weather proof matches.

My greatest fear right now is leaving something behind. Every morning I fear I’m forgetting something. Every single piece of gear matters and could force me to come out of the trail to fix it. Second biggest fear, wet sleeping bag.

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