Mother Nature Always Wins

I’m posted up in a hotel room waiting out a storm. I put up with Mother Natures wrath for a few hours yesterday… hiking in a downpour that produced 2-3″ of rain in a short amount of time. Combined with 40 mph wind gust that made the rain feel like hail on my bare legs, hands and face, it wasn’t my favorite day hiking. I pulled off trail to a hostel .6 Miles. It was dry but I was in a bunk house with no heat and temps dropping below 30. When I woke up, I saw snow on the ground and couldn’t see the mountain through the snow I was about to climb….. off to a hotel! I needed a warm bed and some food. I’m getting tired of these zero hike days. They cost money and take me off trail where I’d rather be hiking. If Mother Nature happens to see this post, please be kind. I’m on a long walk and you’re not making it any easier.

-Backwards Hat-

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